WSJ Follow-up: Bangladesh gov't tells authorities to pursue legal action against Yunus

Syed Zain Al-Mahmood with continuing coverage on the Grameen controversy in the WSJ:

The decision to move against Muhammad Yunus, former managing director of Grameen, a microlending pioneer credited with helping many rural Bangladeshis escape poverty, was taken Monday at a cabinet meeting headed by Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, according to cabinet secretary Musharraf Hossain Bhuiyan.

Ms. Hasina's administration has been engaged in an increasingly bitter tussle with Mr. Yunus. The government removed Mr. Yunus, now 73 years old, from the bank in 2011, saying he had exceeded the retirement age. A government commission has since recommended that the state increase its ownership of Grameen.

Backers of Mr. Yunus have said Ms. Hasina sees the well-known and popular Mr. Yunus as a potential political rival and is seeking to undermine him, something the premier's supporters deny.