Katharine's Guest Post on Your Mark on the World — Devin Thorpe

Our deepest thanks to Devin Thorpe of Your Mark on the World Center for inviting Katharine to post on his blog this week with "You Don't Have to Be Rich to Change the World." Devin's work is obviously an area we're all invested in, and we hope that Katharine's post this week lives up to the standards set by Devin and his other posters. 

A middle-class social entrepreneur living in Bangladesh, Yunus has no car, no house, no second home, no inherited wealth, and no accumulated capital. His stunning success was based on a foundation of six key elements. These elements made it possible for him to launch the microcredit movement that flung open the doors to financial services to the billions at the bottom of the economic ladder. Now over 100 million people worldwide have received microcredit.