Katharine Esty on Socially Responsible Leaders and Yunus in CSRwire


Author Katharine Esty offers her thoughts on the lessons of Muhammad Yunus for budding socially responsible leaders in her piece this morning on CSRwire.com:  

When he made a bid to launch a new political party, hostile government officials ousted Yunus from his role as managing director of the Grameen Bank. Today, government officials are alleging that Yunus owes large sums in back taxes. Those who know Yunus and have observed his personal integrity believe these attacks have no basis.
Yunus has remained undaunted by these and other challenges. He rebounds quickly from mistakes and failures and before long, achieves new, more stunning successes. Some might argue he was born lucky, endowed by his genes with brilliance, creativity and tremendous drive. But there have been thousands of intelligent, creative and energetic leaders who ultimately faded into obscurity when they met the kind of challenges and defeats Yunus has faced.
There are four patterns of action that undergird and explain Yunus’ resilience.

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